Vintage Provincial Dresser Painted with Annie Sloan Athenian Black

Vintage Beauty Goes Modern with Annie Sloan Athenian Black

Chalk PaintedĀ® Dresser

Have you ever thought about painting vintage furniture that was handed down from a family member? Or, maybe you like to wander through flea markets and you've found a piece with great "bones" that you just fell in LOVE with. It's never been easier to update using Chalk PaintĀ® by Annie Sloan and mix painted furniture into your modern home decor.
This lovely dresser was made about 60+ years ago. It was well cared for and still has the sticker of the furniture store where it was purchased from. Whenever you find any kind of identification on a piece of furniture, it makes it easier to research and get a bit of information that's fun to know. Often times, it speaks to the quality of the piece. One of the features we loved about this dresser was the curvy way the drawers were made. It's a top trend noted in this article from Living Spaces about 2024 Furniture Trends. See how we transformed this dresser below!
Ā Mel Corren Interior Designers Stockton Ca

Here's How We Prepped & Painted

You'll Need:

  • Dirtex Cleaner
  • Chalk PaintĀ® by Annie Sloan Athenian Black
  • Annie Sloan Clear Wax
  • Annie Sloan Paint BrushĀ 
  • Annie Sloan Wax Brush
  • Shop Clothes or Cotton RagsĀ  Ā  Ā Ā 

We cleaned the dresser inside and out with Dirtex. It's an all purpose cleaner that removes dirt and grime with just a wipe. No rinse necessary and it's perfect for our furniture projects as well as a general household cleaner.Ā 

Partially Chalk Painted Dresser Athenian Black

We used blue painters tape to protect edges that we did not want painted and also it helped give us crisp lines between painted and unpainted areas. Next, two coats of Athenian Black. Dry time between coats depends on how much moisture is in the air and temperatures. In summer, we often can paint a second coat in 1/2 an hour or so. Cold and rainy weather will be a longer dry time between coats. In any case, it's usually same day. Chalk PaintĀ® dries quickly.Ā  And, for this entire project, we only used about 1/4 of the litre tin. If you are wondering how much Chalk PaintĀ® you'll need for your project, read our blog on How Much Chalk PaintĀ® For Your Project.Ā 

Annie Sloan Clear Wax

Removing Excess Annie Sloan Wax

After painting two coats, we sealed and protected with Clear Wax by Annie Sloan. Waxing is an easy process. Apply with a wax brush and remove any excess. Remember this tip ~ less is more!Ā  You don't need an overload of wax - it was made to absorb into the Chalk PaintĀ®. The finish is a beautiful matt sheen.Ā  If you want a little more shine, wait 24 hours and buff with your shop cloth or lint free cotton rag. The wax will dry overnight and it takes about 2-3 weeks to fully cure and harden. Just be gentle with your painted piece while it's curing.Ā 

Vintage HardwareĀ 

The vintage hardware on the dresser was so beautiful and it had a patina that we did not want to lose. We just washed them in warm water with a bit of Dawn dish soap. We re-installed the hardware and hope this beauty will be around for another 60+ years!

Finished dress Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® Athenian Black

Happy Painting ~ rachel + gail

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