Painting a Buffet with ChalkPaint®️by Annie Sloan

Painting a Buffet with ChalkPaint®️by Annie Sloan

Rachel wanted this piece to have a dreamy look so she went straight to Chalk Paint®️ by Annie Sloan. She used the color Provence and finished and sealed with dark & white wax. Here’s the “before” pic.

She started by cleaning the piece with Dirtex. It’s an all purpose cleaner that does not have to be rinsed off before you use ChalkPaint®️. We love saving that step! 
Next, Rachel used the classic Annie Sloan “slap-dash” technique and painted her first coat brushing in all different directions. 

Second coat of paint, then white wax.  A bit of dark wax here and there for shading and drama.



Top Tips ~ Use clear wax to blend. Just dab your wiping cloth in clear wax and use to blend or “erase” colored waxes.  When you are finished with painting and waxing, wait 24 hours then buff your piece with a clean, lint free cloth or buffing brush. The buffing will bring up a bit of shine and give you a beautiful finish. 


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