Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® Litres

How Much Chalk PaintĀ® for Your Project?

"How much paint should I buy?"

This is our top question and we've found there are some variables, but let's dig right in and talk about the basics.Ā 

Chalk PaintĀ® is available in two sizes:

  • Litre (33.8 oz) that covers approximately 140 square feet
  • 120ml (4.06 oz) Sample Pot that covers approximately 17 square feet

These are approximate because every surface is a little different and takes the paint in it's own unique way. Also, painter's have different styles and different ways they paint. Some love multiple thin coats and others love painting thickly with a one and done attitude. Whichever you are, you should be able to stay pretty close to the approximate square footage estimates.

Ā Check out this Annie Sloan conversion guide

Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ® Coverage Guide

Transform your kitchen - these cabinets were painted with Chalk PaintĀ® color Old Ochre

Two 33.8 oz litres of paint and One 25.3oz lacquer were used to finish this kitchen.Ā  A small amount of Annie Sloan dark wax was used to accent the corners of the door and drawer fronts.Ā  If you wanted to use Clear Wax instead of lacquer, you would need about 1 large size wax for this project.Ā 


Before Picture of Kitchen Painted with Chalk PaintĀ® by Annie Sloan


After Picture Kitchen Painted with Chalk PaintĀ® by Annie Sloan


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