Decorative Eggs with Annie Sloan Paint & IOD Paint Inlays

Decorative Eggs with Annie Sloan & IOD

These dainty little eggs are the perfect spring project. We purchased wooden eggs from a craft store, but plastic eggs would also work. It takes several sittings with this project because you will need drying time between stages so plan a little extra time. Here's how we did it.Ā  Start by gathering your's what you'll need!

Annie Sloan Paint - any white would work but we used Original
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Annie Sloan Gilding Wax in Warm Gold
IOD Mould Trimmings 1Ā Ā 
IOD Air Dry Clay
IOD Paint Inlay Rose Chintz
TiteBond Glue
Mist Spray Bottle
Assorted Brushes

Wooden Eggs from craft store

Get a first coat of paint on all the eggs and let dry. TIP: ChalkPaint is fast drying. You will only need to wait 20 minutes to about an hour depending on how thickly you paint it on.Ā 

Get a coat of paint on the eggs.

Use the moulds and air dry clay to make the trimming you want. TIPS: Powder the mould with flour or cornstarch before pushing clay into place. Once mould is formed, gently drop clay out using gravity to help .Place the moulded trimmingĀ  around the eggs before clay has a chance to set.Ā  Dry overnight.

IOD Air dry clay in trimming mould

Trimming Mould on Decoratve Eggs

Cut up small pieces of the IOD Rose Chintz pattern that you will place on the eggs once you've applied another semi-thick coat of paint.

IOD Rose Chintz Paint Inlay

Rose Chintz cut up

Gently push your cut up pieces of the Rose Chintz, pattern down with ink pressing into the wet paint. You can mist with water at this point to get the inlay damp and make sure it is pressed into the wet paint. Let dry overnight. Ā TIP: Try not to move the pattern around when pushing it into the paint or it will be blurry.Ā Ā 


IOD Paint Inlay pushed into Annie Sloan paint on a decorate egg

When the inlay has dried overnight, mist with water and start to pull off the inlay sheet.Ā  The pattern will be tranferred onto the painted surface.Ā  After a bit of dry time, about 2 hours, we sealed our project with clear wax and gilded the trim.Ā Ā 

Pulling off IOD Paint Inlay from decorative eggs



Finished Decorative eggs


We LOVED this project.Ā Give them a try and let us know how they turned out! You can getĀ Annie Sloan and IOD products here on our site hereĀ


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